Video: “Aisaqvak and the bucket” published 28 September 2016

Name:  Aisaqvak (female)

Born:  Winter 2002 in the wild

Mother:  Unknown

Father:  Unknown

Siblings: Frima (female, twin)

Current location:  Zoo Sauvage de Saint-Félicien, Saint-Félicien, Québec, Canada

History of captivity:

  1.  Born in the wild in Nunavik, Canada, in December 2002
  2.  Arrived at Jardin Zoologique du Québec, Canada 7 September 2003
  3.  Transferred to Calgary Zoo, Alberta, Canada 11 November 2003
  4. Transferred to Saint-Félicien 4 July 2004

Progeny:  Ganuk (male) born 2009, Taiga (female) born 2009, Kinuk (male) born 2018

Additional Information

Aisaqvak and Frima, as they were subsequently named, were orphaned in September 2003, not far from the mouth of the Koksoak River.  Their mother was shot on the porch of a campers’ cabin.  It was thought that she had been drawn to the camp by the presence of food.

After the polar bear was killed, the campers saw the two cubs nearby who not leave the body of their mother.  Officials in Kuujjuaq were alerted and captured the cubs alive.  You can read the full story here (opens in new window).

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