Aquário de São Paulo  (Peter Louiz – Public Domain)


Location:  Aquário de São Paulo

Address: 407 Huet Bacelar St., Ipiranga, São Paulo, Brazil

Telephone:  +55 (11) 2273 5500

Website contact form:


Exhibit: Part of the Aquatic Mammals Section (Setor Mamíferos Aquáticos).


Aurora (female). Born Winter 2009/2010 in the wild in Russia. Arrived at Aquário de São Paulo, Brazil 18 December 2014.

Peregrino (aka Pim) (male). Born 7 December 2009 in Kazan Zoo, Russia.  Arrived at São Paulo 18 December 2014.


São Paulo Aquarium is the largest in Latin America, opening in 2006. It describes itself as the only thematic aquarium in Brazil.

The polar bear facility is quoted by the Aquarium as being 1,500 square metres in area and kept at between minus 15 and minus 5 degrees Centigrade.  To date we have no further information on the facility.


  1. The area provided is far too small for and the bears have no access to the open air.
  2. Other than the small pool, the bears are constantly walking on a concrete surace with no variation in substrates.
  3. It seems that loud music is constantly played and can be heard by the bears.  There does not appear to be anywhere the bears can go for peace and quiet while the exhibit is open.
  4. There are signs of stereotypical behaviour in the bears.

 We have no detailed information on the facilities and on the feeding, exercise, medical and enrichment regimes.  We are endeavouring to obtain this from the Aquarium.

The video below was filmed in April 2015 when Aurora and Pergrino were first put on public display after a four month acclimatisation period.

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