Aurora in March 2014 (Valerie – Creative Commons Licence)

Name:  Aurora (female)

Born:  25 November 2006 in captivity in Toledo Zoo & Aquarium, Ohio

Mother:  Crystal

Father:  Marty (deceased)

Siblings:   Anana (female) born 2006, Siku (male) born 2009, Sakari (male) born 2012, Suka (male) born 2012, Hope (female) born 2015, Borealis (male) born 2018
Current location:  Columbus Zoological Gardens, Powell, Ohio

History of captivity:

  1. Born in captivity in Toledo Zoo, Ohio, USA 25 November 2006
  2. Moved to Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium, Pennsylvania 18 December 2008
  3. Arrived at Columbus Zoo, Ohio, USA 19 February 2010

Progeny:  Nora (female) born 6 November 2015, Nuniq (male) & Neva (female) born 14 November 2016, Kulu (male) born 28 November, 2019

Additional Information

Aurora’s first cub, Nora, was hand-reared after Aurora began spending extended periods away from her.  Her most recent, fourth cub has yet to have its sex and name announced.  You can read more about this story here (opens in new window).

Footage of Aurura’s new cub, born in November 2019, can be seen in the video below, posted by the Zoo on 29 November.

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