Entrance to Beijing Zoo (snowyowls – Creative Commons BY-SA 2.0)

Location:  Beijing Zoo (北京动物园)

Address:  137 Xizhimen Outer St, DongWuYuan, Xicheng Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 100037

Telephone:  +86 10 6839 0274

Email:  No address found

Website:   http://www.beijingzoo.com

Exhibit: No name found


AnAn (female).  Born 30 November 1995 in Beijing Zoo, China.

MiMi (female).  Born 16 November 2009 in Moscow Zoo, Russia.

Ji (male).  Born 10 November 2009 in Leningradsky Zoopark, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

LeLe (male).  Born 10 November 2009 in Leningradsky Zoopark, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

PingPing (male).  Born 21 December 1995 in Beijing Zoo, China.

Samson (male).  Believe born 20 November 2000 in Moscow Zoo, Russia.

There are reports suggesting that there could be a fifth male in the zoo but, to date, no details are known.


Opened in 1906, Beijing Zoo covers a total area of over 220 acres (90 hectares).

We await further detailed information on the exhibit from the zoo.


  1. Excessive summer temperatures exceeding 38 degree Celsius (100F)
  2. Sterotypical behaviours including pacing.
  3. Captive breeding programme in zoo.
  4. We understand that some renovations to the polar bear enclosure were carried out prior to 2014 but it is still of a generally poor standard lacking, for example, varied surfaces and off-exhibit shelters and air-conditioning.

Bear Conservation has no information on the feeding, exercise, medical and enrichment regimes at Beijing Zoo.

The video below, shot in the zoo, was published on 14 December 2017.  The bear appears to be obese and, although in this short clip it is difficult to be certain, appears to be showing signs of stereotypical behaviour.

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