Entrance to Dalian Forest Zoo (董辰兴 – Own work CC BY-SA 4.0)


Location: Dalian Forest Zoo


Address: 60 Yingchun Road, Nanshidao Street, Xigang QuDalian 116031, China


Telephone: +86 0411 824 796 998

Website contact form or email link: None located

Website: http://www.dlzoo.com

Exhibit: Polar Museum


Hakuho (female) born circa 1997, origin uncertain.  Mother of Magnum (see below).

Magnum (male) born in Dalian Forest Zoo 21 December 2007.

White Dragon (male) born circa 2000, origin uncertain.  Father of Magnum (see above).


We have no details of the polar bear facilities at this zoo.  Photographic and video evidence indicates that the facilities are cramped and out of date with little space, no natural vegetation and only a concrete substrate.

When we have further data we will publish it on this page.


  1. High summer tempertures
  2. Possible attempts to breed bears in captivity
  3. Out of date, cramped exhibit which is completely unsuitable for the holding and display of polar bears.

 We do not have any information at present on the feeding, exercise, medical and enrichment regimes at Dalian Forest Zoo.

The disturbing video below was shot in Dalian Zoo on 15 July 2012 and illustrates stereotypical pacing and head movement.  We have no reason to believe that there have been any improvements at the zoo since the video was filmed.

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