Flocke as a cub, photographed in Nuremberg in 2008 (Florian Hurlbrink – CC Share Alike)

Name:  Flocke (female)

Born:  11 December 2007 in captivity in Nuremberg Zoo, Germany

Mother:  Vera

Father:  Felix

Siblings:  Aleut (male) born 2010, Gregor (male) born 2010, Charlotte (female) born 2014.  Flocke also has two half siblings through her father; Milak (female) born 2008 and Augo (female) 2010 – died in 2012

Current location: Antibes Marineland, France

History of captivity:

  1. Born in captivity in Nuremberg Zoo, 11 December 2007
  2. Transferred to Antibes 22 April 2010

Progeny:  Hope (female) born 2014, three cubs born around 29 December 2019: Tala (female), Indiana (Indie) (male) & Yuma (male).

Additional Information

Flocke (German for “Flake”) was removed from her mother a few weeks after her birth amidst fears for her safety.  Her mother, Vera, was seen to be dropping the cub repeatedly from her mouth onto a hard concrete surface.  At the time Nuremberg Zoo had a policy of non-interference policy with its animals but it was decided to raise the cub by hand. At the time the zoo was receiving negative attention from the media after another female polar bear, Vilma, reportedly ate her newly born cubs.

In December 2019 Flocke gave birth to triplets.  For more information see “Three Baby Polar Bears Are Born In Marineland Park On The Côte D’Azur”

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