Khaarchaana in Yakutsk Zoo  in March 2016 (Bear Conservation Collection)

Name: Khaarchaana (Хаарчаана)   (female)

Born: 30 November 2016 in Orto Doidu Zoo, Yakutsk, Russia

Mother:  Kolymana (Колымана)

Father:  Lomonosov

Siblings: Almaz (Алмаз) 

Current location: Leningradsky Zoopark, Saint Petersburg, Russia

History of captivity:

  1. Born in captivity in Yakutsk Zoo, Russia 30 November 2016
  2. Transferred to Saint Petersburg 28 November 2017

Progeny:  None

Additional Information

Khaarchaana (sometimes anglicised as Haarchaan) is Yakut for “Snowflake”.

The video below shows Khaarchaana in her enclosure during the Covid-19 Lockdown in April 2020.

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