Plan of Le Monde Sauvage (Monde Sauvage)


Location:  Le Monde Sauvage, d’Aywaille, Belgium

Address:  Fange de Deigné 3, 4920 Aywaille, Belgium

Telephone:  +32 (0)4 360 90 70  



Exhibit:  Bear Canyon


Blanche (female).  Born 01 December 1993 in Le Monde Sauvage

Qannik (female).  Born 25 November in Le Monde Sauvage (daughter of Blanche)

Rocky (male).  Born 11 December 2002 in Ouwehands Zoo, Rhenen, Netherlands.  Arrived at Le Monde Sauvage 25 May 2005.


Le Monde Sauvage (“The Wild World”) opened in 1975 and includes a safari park.  At present we have little information on the polar bear exhibit but video (see below) and photographs suggest an old fashioned facility consisting mainly of unsuitable concrete surfaces and a pool.


  1.  Enclosure is far too small for three bears, or indeed for a single bear.
  2.  Facility is mainly concrete, with no apparent soft substrates, with a mall pool.  We do not know if the water is fresh or saline nor if it temperature controlled or filtered.
  3. A generally outdated and inadequate facility.

We are unaware of the feeding, exercise, medical and enrichment regimes at Le Monde Sauvage.

If you have visited this zoo and have information, photographs or videos we’d like to hear from you.  You can email us at

The video below, published in May 2016, gives an idea of the design of the polar bear enclosure.

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