Luna photographed at Buffalo Zoo in December 2014 while in recovery from a fractured rear ankle

Name:  Luna (female)

Born:  27 November 2012 in captivity in Buffalo Zoo, Buffalo, New York, USA

Mother:  Anana

Father:  Nanuq (deceased)

Siblings:  Amelia and half-siblings, born for Nanuq (father), Nora (female) born 2015, Neva (female) born 2016 and Nuniq (female) born 2016

Current location: Buffalo Zoo, Buffalo, New york, USA

History of captivity:

  1. Born in captivity

Progeny:  None

Additional Information

To date the zoo’s attempts Buffalo Zoo to mate Luna with their male polar bear, Sakari, have been unsuccessful.

In 2014 Luna suffered a fracture of her tibia and fibula above her left rear ankle.  here were no other injuries and she was treated in the zoo’s veterinary hospital where the fracture was repaired.

The video below shows Luna at around three months of age, playing in the snow at Buffalo.

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