Milana in Hanover Zoo (Hannover Zoo)

Name:  Milana (female)

Born: 16 November 2009 in Moscow Zoo, Russia

Mother:  Simona

Father:  Vrangel

Siblings:  Ivan and male twin (believed deceased) born 2000, Vera (female) and her male twin born 2002, Nord (male) born 2005, Gerda (female) born 2007, Mimi (female) born 2009, Zefirka (female) born 2011, Nana (female) born 2011, died 2013, Voldya (male) born 2011, Chabar (male) born 2014, Sneschana (female) born 2014

Current location: Hanover Zoo, Germany

History of captivity:

  1. Born in captivity in Moscow Zoo Russia on 16 November 2009
  2. Transferred to Moscow Zoo Breeding Centre, Sychovo, near Volokolamsk, Russia in the late summer of 2011
  3. Arrived at Hanover Zoo, Germany 31 January 2017

Progeny:  Nana (female) born 20 November 2019

Additional Information

In 2020 Milana gave birth to twins but one of the cubs died shortly after being born.

The following video of Milana and cub Nana was posted on13 May 2020.

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