Name:  Noel (female)

Born:  3 December 2003 in Zoosafari, Fasano, Italy

Mother:  Marissa

Father:  Felix

Siblings:  Giovanna (female) born 2006, Dea (female) born 2008, Grace (female) born 2012

Current location:  Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark

History of captivity:

  1. Born in captivity in Zoosafari, Fasano, Italy on 3 December 2003
  2. Transferred to Copenhagen Zoo 13 October 2005

Progeny:  Inuvik (female) born 06 December 2019

Additional Information

Noel has twice been paired with male polar bears, first Ivan and then, in the recent past, with Nord.  Although on several occasions Noel made a den she has never shown any physical signs of pregnancy.  The Zoo have accepted that Noel is not likely to ever have cubs.

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