Bruno Botelho de Carvalho’s video of Aurora & Peregrino in São Paulo, published in April 2015

Name: Peregrino (aka “Pim”) (male)

Born: 7 December 2009 in Kazan Zoo, Russia

Mother: Maleishka

Father: Permijak

Siblings: Bei Bei (male) born 2005 in Nanjing Underwater World, China.  Terminator, aka Promitey, born 2007 also in Nanjing.  Also Yumki (female) a half-sibling born to Maleishka (for Yukon) 2012 in Kazan, Russia.

Current location: Aquário de São Paulo, Brazil

History of captivity:

  1. Born in captivity in Kazan Zoo 7 December 2009
  2. Transferred to Novosibirsk Zoo, Russia in October 2010
  3. Transferred to Moscow Zoo, Russia 27 December 2010
  4. Transferred to Udmurtia State Zoological Park, Izhevsk, Russia 26 March 2011
  5. Transferred to São Paulo 18 December 2014.

Progeny: None

Additional Information

Peregrino means “pilgrim” in Portuguese.  It has been suggested that Peregrino was captured in the wild, rather than being born in captivity in Kazan Zoo.  The theory is that he is, in fact, a bear that was brought, as a cub, to Udmurtia State Zoo in February 2009.  According to this theory the bear born in Kazan Zoo in December 2009 “disappeared” after being transferred to Moscow Zoo in 2010 (presumably either deceased or possibly sold into the Chinese market).

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