Romeo (Riga Zoo/ Sergejs Čičagovs)

Name:  Romeo (male)

Born: 21 November 1989 in Kazan Zoo, Russia

Died:  21 May 2020 in Riga Zoo, Latvia

Mother: Diska (deceased)

Father: Umka (deceased)

Siblings: Yang Yang (female) born 1987

Current location: Riga Zoo, Latvia

History of captivity:

  1. Born in captivity in Kazan Zoo, Russia 21 November 1989
  2. Transferred to Riga Zoo 10 February 1991

Progeny: None known

Additional Information

In 2019 we wrote “Romeo is an old bear in an old facility and deserves better in his last years.  Sadly, he is not likely to get it.”  He did not and died on 21 May 2020, aged 30.  We are not aware of he cause of death, but he was a very old bear.

The video below of Romeo was published on 16 May 2018.

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