The polar bear facility at Scandinavian Wildlife Park (Skandinavisk Dyrepark)


Location:  Scandinavian Wildlife Park, (Skandinavisk Dyrepark), Kolind, Denmark

Address: Nødagervej 67b, Nødager, DK-8560Kolind, Denmark

Telephone: +45 86 39 1333


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Exhibit:   Polar Bear Park


Ivan (male).  Born 13 May 2005 in captivity in Moscow Zoo, Russia (Nord, Ivan’s twin, was moved from Kolind to Ranua Wildlife Park in Finland on 22 February 2021).  Arrived at Scandinavian Wildlife Park from Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark on 1 December 2017

Siku (male).  Born in captivity in Scandinavian Wildlife Park 22 November 2011

Nanok (male).  Born 5 December 2001 in captivity in Le Monde Sauvage, d’Aywaille, Belgium.  Arrived at Scandinavian Wildlife Park from Ouwehands Zoo, Rhenen, Netherlands on 1 December 2006.

Vicks (male).  Born in captivity in Rotterdam Zoo 6 December 2010.  Arrived at Scandinavia Wildlife Park from Mulhouse Zoo, France on 24 February 2011.

Nuno (female).  Born in captivity in Scandinavain Wildlife Park  21 November 2012


The Scandinavian Wildlife Park was opened in 1994 and the polar bear exhibit in 2006.  The polar bear park is 26,000 square metres (6.43 acres)in area and is widely recognized as one of the world’s best polar bear facilities.

The large enclosure closely mirrors the typical tundra terrain in which many polar bears spend the summer months before the sea ice forms.  The area is open with the bears able to see wide and distant vistas of hills.  Along with trees, dead wood, grasses ad large rocks, the main feature of the enclosure is the large lake of 5,000 square metres (1.24 acres).  There is also a smaller lake of 350 square metres (420 square yards). The big lake is 5 metres (16 feet) deep in the deepest areas, ensuring a cool place for the polar bears in even the hottest weather.

There is plenty of space for the bears.  Although it still falls a little short of Bear Conservation’s suggested minimum area for four bears of 32,000 square metres (8 acres) it would be churlish to find fault with such a well designed facility.  Bears can associate with one another when they wish to, but can easily move off for some privacy whenever they feel the need.  The public view the bears from a 220 metre (240 yard) long, slightly elevated, boardwalk that winds through the enclosure.  This provides a fulfilling experience for visitors without causing disturbance to the animals.

The park reports that the diet of the bears consists mainly of cow heart, cow fat and fish. They also enjoy generous quantities of apples.

Undoubtedly one of the best captive polar bear facilities in the world.

Sources:  Skandinavisk Dyrepark, and Bear Conservation research.


  1. Space is less than Bear Conservation’s  ideal minimum but the modern park-like, rather than enclosed, design more than compensates for this. 
  2. Breeding of bears in recent past.

We are seeking more information on the off-exhibit facilities facility and on the feeding, exercise, medical and enrichment regimes.

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