Entrance to Seneca Park Zoo – 2018 (Mzq9821 – Creative Commons Licence)


Location:  Seneca Park Zoo, Rochester, New York, USA

Address:  2222 St. Paul Street, Rochester, NY 14621, USA

Telephone:  +1 585 336 7200

Website contacts page:  https://senecaparkzoo.org/contact/

Website:   https://senecaparkzoo.org

Exhibit:  Barbara Bonin Bear Habitat


Anoki (female). Born in Seneca Park 20 November 1996, returning to the zoo from Maryland Zoo, USA o 18 September 2018


The zoo opened in 1894 and presently covers an area of 6.3 hectares (20 acres).   In 1975 a new “polar bear grotto” was opened and its first residents were Penny and Nickels.

We await details of the facilites and care regime at the zoo.  Evidence from visitors suggests that Anoki is well cared for and healthy and a comprehensive enrichment programme is in place.  She has access to an adequately sized pool and to various soft substrates in addition to the enclosure’s hard surfaces.  We do not have any information on off-exhibit housing or facilities but understand that there is an off-exhibit den.

In a partnership between the zoo and the Cincinnati Zoo’s Conservation and Research of Endandgered Wildlife (CREW) programme Anoki was the subject of an artificial insemination attempt in 2019.  Two previous attempts at Maryland Zoo had failed as did this one.  This was CREW’s eighth attempt at achieving pregnancy in a polar bear using artificial insemination.  There is no record of a successful artificial insemination of a polar bear ever having been achieved. 


  1. Attempt to breed through artificial insemination.  Not only has this always proved a futile exercise, Anoki is at the high end of female polar bear fertility of between 20 and 25 years (Lentfer, 1976).

We await details from the zoo of the feeding, exercise, medical and enrichment regimes that are in place.

More Information

The video below was produced by the zoo to promote their Polar Bear Awareness Weekend in April 2019.

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