Shenzhen Xiaomeisha Sea World (Shenzhen Shopper)


Location: Shenzhen Xiaomeisha Sea World


Address: Xiaomeisha Seaside Resort , Yantian District Shenzhen 518083 China


Telephone:  +86 (755) 2503 5555

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Exhibit:  Polar Museum


Pezoo (male). Believed born 2012 in captivity in Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park, arrived at Xiaomeisha 2013.  He moved from here in 2018 back to Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park where he was born.  He has since disappeared and may be dead, slthough some reports say he is back at Tianjin.  We have left this page active with his details, although no polar bears are here at present, so far as we are aware.


Opened in 1998, Shenzhen Xiaomeisha Sea World is a major attraction in Xiaomeisha Beach.  It covers an area of 185,000 square meters (about 45.7 acres) and is 28 kilometres (18 miles) outside the city of Shenzhen.

In 2017 the facility was investigated by the China Cetacean Alliance (CCA).  Regarding the polar bear enclosure they reported as follows:

“One polar bear was in the indoor enclosure. When we searched for info about Xiaomeisha online we learned the bear was named Pezoo and apparently arrived at the facility in 2013 after being bred in captivity. This name sounds similar to the one in Tianjin, which acted in a Canadian film. We suspect Tianjin Haichang bred several bears and named them all Pezoo, so laypeople could not tell them apart. The gate to the bear enclosure was rusty and the paint was chipped off and there was no enrichment.”

The Polar Museum (极地馆) is a 10,000 square metre facility comprising a white whale museum, a “polar bear home”, penguin exhibits, walruses, arctic foxes and a showcase of arctic landscapes. Publicity states that “the animals in the Museum live in enclosures that recreate the climates of their natural habitat and that standards in ensuring correct air and water temperatures and humidity are strictly adhered to.”  We have not been able to verify these claims ourselves.


  1. The accommodation for the solitary bear is totally  inadequate with no natural light, no distant views or natural substrates and very little space to exercise or swim.  There is nowhere for the bear to hide or get away from the presence and noise of a nearly constant flow of visitors.  Conditions are appalling.
  2.  No known enrichment
  3.  CCA reported evidence that the polar bear facility is not well maintained (see above)

We have no details of the feeding, exercise and medical regimes.  There is no evidence of any enrichment.

More Information

The animal rights organisation PETA campaigned for Pezoo to be removed to a sanctuary.  As part of that campaign they published the following video which illustrates the appalling conditions at Shenzhen.

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