Siku photographed in 2016 (Erik Bundgard – Creative Commons)

Name:  Siku (male)

Born: 3 December 2009 in Toledo Zoo & Aquarium, Ohio, USA

Mother:  Crystal

Father:  Marty (deceased)

Siblings:  Nikita (male) born 2006 (half sibling through father), Anana (female) born 2006, Aurora (female) born 2006, Sakari (male) born 2012, Suka (male) born 2012, Hope (female) born 2015, Borealis (male) born 2018.

Current location:  Lincoln Park & Zoological Gardens, Chicago, Illinois, USA

History of captivity:

  1. Born in captivity at Toledo Zoo & Aquarium, Ohio, USA 3 December 2009
  2. Transferred to Louisville Zoo, Kentucky, USA 6 September 2011
  3. Transferred to Lincoln Park, Chicago, USA 26 October 2016

Progeny:  None

Additional Information

Siku is an Inuit word for sea-ice.

Lincoln Park Zoo Polar Bear Participates in ‘Voluntary’ Blood Test, article on Siku published 7 October 2019 (opens in new window).

John W Iwanski (Creative Commons)

The above photo shows Siku in January 2017  voluntarily participating in his health exam, in exchange for meatballs.  This position enables a head to toe visual inspection of the underside of his body, normally hidden from view.

For a video of Siku see the Lincoln Park Zoo page.

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