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Location:  Sun Asia Polar World (part of Dalian Sun Asia)

Address:  608-6-8 Zhongshan Road, Shahekou District, Dalian, Liaoning  116021, China

Telephone:  (+86) 411 8458 1113

Email:  None found

Website: (often very slow to load)

Exhibit:  Polar World


KaKa (male).  Nothing else known.

Unknown (probably female).  Nothing else known.


Sun Asia in Dalian is owned and run by the Dalian Sun Asia Tourism Holding Co. Ltd. who also own and operate Harbin Polarland Park.  The company was set up in 1995 and the three Dalian “Worlds” (Coral, Ocean and Polar) opened in 2003.

Reliable information on the polar bear exhibit is hard to come by and, as you will see above, at present we have no information on the two bears kept there, other than that they are probably a male and female.

Peter Dickinson (ZooNews Digest) has very kindly allowed us to quote the following from his blog post following his visit to Sun Asia in 2009:

The polar bear exhibit: “Three sides of glass here. A tiny island surrounded by very clean water. The island held two badly stereotyping Polar Bears (and who can blame them). The male I was told was the biggest in Asia at 650 Kg! Again, nowhere for the bears to go. These bears will never have access to the outside. They will never be able to hide away during the day. There is no consideration for their mental health.”

The full article is at (opens in new window).


Totally unsuitable accommodation for the bears.  From the comparatively small amount of information we have on this location, and from the study of photographs, this seems to be one of the worst polar bear exhibits operating at present.  It needs to be closed down unless the owners can be persuaded to invest a significant sum in creating a new habitat for these two polar bears.

We have no information of the feeding, exercise, medical and enrichment regimes at Sun Asia and are endeavouring to obtain further details.

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