Venus and her cub Ranzo in 2017 (Ranua Wildlife Park)

Name:  Venus (female)

Born: 9 December 2004 in captivity

Mother: Vienna (deceased)

Father: Churchill (deceased)

Siblings: Victoria (female) born 1996, Victor (male) born 1998 (died 2020), Vitus (male) born 2000, Vilma (female) born 2002, Valeska (female) born 2006.

Current location: Ranua Wildlife Park, Finland

History of captivity:

  1. Born in captivity in Rostock Zoo, Germany 9 December 2004
  2. Transferred to Ranua Wildlife Park 29 May 2006

Progeny: Ranzo (male) born 2011 (father Manasse, deceased). Sisu (male) born 2016 (father Manasse), his twin sibling died after 10 days (see below)

Additional Information

Venus gave birth to two cubs on November 25, 2016 at Ranua. She cared for both cubs but one died after just 10 days.  For several days Venus continued to nurse both cubs before eventually eating the deceased one. This is natural behaviour, both to reabsorb the nutrients in the dead animal and also to keep the den hygienic and disease free.

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