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 Bear Conservation General Factsheets

Ø Number 1:  Evolution.  A brief introduction to the lineage of today’s eight bear species.

Bear Conservation Bear Species Factsheets

Ø Number 1:  The Andean or spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus)

Ø Number 2: The brown bear (Ursus arctos)

Ø Number 3: Sloth bear (Ursus ursinus)

Ø Number 4: American black bear (Ursus americanus)

 Bear Conservation Bear Subspecies Factsheets

American black bear subspecies:

Ø Number 1:  California black bear (Ursus americanus californiensis)

Ø Number 2:  Cinnamon bear (Ursus americanus cinnamomum)

Brown bear subspecies:

Ø Number 1: Alaskan brown bear (Ursus arctos alascensis)

Ø Number 2: Eurasian brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos)

Ø Grizzly Genetic Diversity Campaign

Ø An Update on the Yellowstone Grizzly Bear Population (02/02/2018)

Ø “The sense of touch: a hidden skill of Himalayan brown bears” (27/05/2019)

Documents published by other organisations

American black bears:

Ø “Genetic consequences of habitat fragmentation Florida”.  Habitat loss and fragmentation can influence the genetic structure of biological populations.  This paper studies the genetic consequences of habitat fragmentation in Florida black bear (Ursus americanus floridanus) populations.

Ø Haida Gwaii environmental conditions report (2005).  This report provides an overview of the Haida Gwaii / Queen Charlotte Islands environment – historically, currently, and into the future as defined by current management practices.  It includes the Haida Gwaii black bear as an indicator of environmental conditions.  The specific section on the bears begins on page 108.

Black bears in Mexico: an update of literature review.Published in 2013 this article presents a summary of black bear research in terms of historical and current distribution in Mexico, and offers an updated picture of current black bear topics in Mexico.

Asiatic black bears:

Ø The Status and Management of Asiatic Black Bears in Taiwan

Ø Hematological Profiles of the Formosan Black Bear

Ø Asiatic black bear–human interactions around Dachigam National Park, Kashmir, India

Polar bears:

Ø The Polar Bear Protection Act (the so called “Manitoba Standards”)

Sloth bears:

Ø Home Ranges and Habitat Use of Sloth Bears Melursus Ursinus Inornatus in Wasgomuwa National Park, Sri Lanka

Ø Landscape Characteristics of Sloth Bear Range in Sri Lanka

Ø Sloth Bear Genetic Diversity: A short paper by Annabella Helman – published 10 June 2019 by Bear Conservation


Ø Resolving Human-Bear Conflict: A Global Survey of Countries, Experts, and Key Factors

Captive bears

Ø Strategy for enriching the environment of captive Ursids

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