Location: Zoosafari Fasanolandia

Address:  Via dello ZooSafari, 72015 Fasano BR, Italy

Telephone: +39 080 441 4455

Website: http://www.zoosafari.it/orso-polare/

Exhibit:  Polar bears are exhibited in the “Lake of the Large Mammals”


Marissa (female). Born 22 February 1995 in Sweden.  Arrived in Fasno from Vienna in March 1996.  Mother of Grace (see below).

Grace (female). Born 06 December 2012 at the Fesno zoo.


While many of the animals are located in the safari park area of the zoo, the Lake of the Large Animals exhibit is in the pedestrian access area.  Reports indicate that the polar bear facility is outdated and cramped, with no covered shade available for the bears and with the water often coloured green by algae.  Algae is not, in itself, an issue and in direct sunlight can easily occur in fresh, nutrient rich water; however it points to a lack of filtration and is unsightly.

At present the facilities are unsuitable for the keeping of polar bears, particularly so in a hot climate.  Anecdotally it would seem that the site has the space and potential to provide updated and modernised facilities for the bears but this would, clearly, be an expensive undertaking. 

We are requesting more information form the zoo and will publish this here when received.


  1. Use of bears for breeding purposes
  2. Unsuitable climatic conditions
  3. Reports suggest the facilities are far from ideal.  We are currently investigating.

We do not at present have reliable information on the feeding, exercise, medical and enrichment regimes at Zoosafari Fasanolandia.

The video below was publishedon 14 May 2018 and shows the polar bear enclosure at Fasano and the three bears currently on exhibition there.

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