Entrance to Tennoji Zoo (jetsun – Creative Commons)


Location: Tennoji Zoo, Osaka, Japan

Address: 1-108 Chausuyamacho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka, Postal Code: 543-0063

Telephone: +06-6771-8401

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Website: https://www.city.osaka.lg.jp/contents/wdu170/tennojizoo/en/

Exhibit: The Bear House


Icchan (aka Shilka) (female). Born 10 December 2013 in Novosibirsk Zoo, Russia. (Mother: Gerda. Father: Krassin.) Transferred to Osaka 28 March 2015.

Gogo (male). Born 03 December 2004 in Perm Zoo, Russia. (Mother: Yukon. Father Amderma.) Transferred to Osaka 15 March 2006 then to Adventureworld, Shirahama, Japan 02 March 2015. Returned to Osaka 03 December 2018. Progeny: Momo born Osaka 25 November 2014.

Ho-chan (female).   Born in Tennoji 25 November 2020.  Mother: Icchan.  Father: Gogo,


Tennoji Zoo is situated in Tennoji Park. The zoo has stated that, in recent years, they have “made great efforts to house the animals in spacious zones that more closely resemble their natural environments”.  Reports suggest that this is little in evidence in the Bear House.  In addition to the two resident polar bears the zoo also has Andean (Spectacled) bears, Japanese black bears and Malayan sun bears.

Source: Bear Conservation research.


  1. Use of bears for breeding purposes
  2. Unsuitable climatic conditions
  3. Insuffient space and out of date facilities falling far short of our recommendation for polar bear sanctuaries of at least 8,000 square metres (2 acres) per animal.

We do not at present have reliable information on the feeding, exercise, medical and enrichment regimes at Tennoji Zoo

This video, shot in October 2018 by Sharanya Giridharan, clearly shows the out of date facilities in Tennoji Zoo’s polar bear enclosure.

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