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Bears are in trouble and need our help.

Bear Conservation is a non-profit organisation advocating and campaigning for the welfare, conservation and protection of bears and their environments, both in captivity and the wild.

Our vision is a world where bears are given the necessary protection and space to live out their lives in their natural habitats.

We provide accessible, accurate and comprehensive sources of information on all things “bear” to help those who want to learn more about them and help us to achieve our vision.

Read more on our “Why Bears” page”

  • We are working for the protection and restoration of bear habitats and populations, and the reversal of climate change

  • For the end of bear farming and the illegal exploitation of bears

  • For an end to the use of captive bears in circuses and traveling shows

  • To monitor and report on captive facilities and to work to improve the conditions in which they keep bears

  • For international laws and enforcement to protect bears from poaching and to bring an end to the illegal trade in bear-parts and live bears

  • For an end to spring bear hunts, hunting bears with snares and traps, baited bear hunting and bear hunting with dogs.

You can use our menu at the top of the page, or the comprehensive site map, to begin exploring the fascinating world of bears and their stories. 

To find out more about Ice Clear Vision, our major project to document fully all the world’s captive polar bears and the facilities in which they are kept, click on the link below.

Read more about why we do the work we do on our “Why Bears” page

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Page updated 23 December 2020

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