Arktos at Kingussie, October 2018 (Dunnock_D – Creative Commons Licence)

Name:  Arktos (male)

Born: 30 November 2007 in Tiergarten Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria

Mother: Olinka

Father: Eric (deceased)

Siblings: Lloyd (male) born 2000, Nika (female) born 2000, Lara (female) 2004, Nanuq (male) Aktos’s twin born 2007 Vicks (male) 2010, Todz (male 2014, Sizzel (female) 2014

Current location: RZSS Highland Wildlife Park, Kincraig, Kingussie, Scotland

History of captivity:

  1. Born in captivity in Tiergarten Schönbrunn, Vienna, Austria 30 November 2007
  2. Transferred to Hannover Zoo, Germany 17 May 2010
  3. Transferred to Kingussie 4 April 2012.

Progeny: Hamish (born 2017). Brodie (born 2021).

Additional Information

Arktos refers to “bears” in Greek.  Arktos is part of the Park’s breeding programme and has fathered two cubs at the facility: Hamish (male) in 2017 and an as yet unsexted cub born in December 2021.  Victoria is the mother of both cubs.

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