Location: Shanghai Haichang Polar Ocean Park (上海海昌海洋公园)

Address:  Nanhui New City, Pudong, Shanhai, 201306, China

Telephone:  +86 (0) 400 601 6699

Website contact form or email link:  None found

Website:  http://www.haichangoceanpark.com/shanghai (very slow to load)

Exhibit: Polar Bear Pavilion, Polar Town Area


Pi Zu (male).  Age and birthplace not known, but may have been born sometime in 2013.

Ya Tou (female).  Age and birthplace not known.


Shanghai Haichang Polar Ocean Park opened on 16 November 2018.  The total area of the site is 29.7 hectares (73 acres) with 250,000 square metres of floor space, 147,000 of which are above ground.

There is a pool in the enclosure and this contains freshwater fish for display purposes.  Worryingly, this indicates that the only water available to the bears is fresh water, not sea water.

The two polar bears have been reported as pacing repetitively in their small, artificially-lit, glass-front enclosure.  They often slip on the hard concrete floor.  There is no soft substrate, no access to any outside area, no vegetation or place for the bears to escape from the noise and sight of the public.  No visible signs of enrichment and know vistas within view of the bears.  That such an appalling facility has been built as recently as 2018 is a disgrace. 


  1.  Stereotypical “Zoochosis” behaviours
  2.  No access to outdoor areas or vistas
  3. No access to off exhibit areas away from visitors.
  4. No vegetation or soft substrates
  5. No enrichment
  6. The bears have access to saltwater, only to freshwater
  7. Bears likely to be used in a breeding programme

More Information

The two photographs show the single enclosure available to the two bears.  Some observers believe that one of the bears may be a brown bear / polar bear hybrid.

Pi Zu, the male bear, may have been transported to Canada in 2013 to appear in a movie.  At the time he was reportedly three and a half months old.  See article here.

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