Making a difference – working for bears

If you haven’t read about this issue yet you’ll find all you need to know by clicking here.

 Take action : USA

Click here to sign a petition calling on Director Alvin A. Taylor, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources to end bear-baiting in South Carolina.

Take action: Pakistan

Phone or email the Pakistani embassy or consulate in your country,  click here to find their details  Please be polite; some points you may wish to cover are:

  • You are saddened and angered to learn that this cruel practice is still going on in Pakistan
  • You understand that the 1890 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act makes this practice illegal but this is either enforced very weakly or not at all
  • The endangered and vulnerable bears used in these events are illegally poached from the wild
  • You understand that all animal cruelty is against the teachings of the Muslim religion
  • The Pakistan Bioresource Research Centre is doing valuable work to end the suffering of the bears but need the support and assistance of the authorities and local and national governments.
  • Ask for your concerns to be conveyed to the government of Pakistan and ask that they crack down on these events and give serious consideration to new legislation to outlaw the keeping of captive bears and their use in bear-baiting events.

Please let us know what responses you receive via our email address or a message on Facebook or send us a Tweet to @BearConserve.

Page updated 24 September 2017