Ivan, 2016 (used with permission; this image is © Viki Pandit and must not to be used without the owner’s permission)

Name:  Ivan (male)

Born: 8 December 2000 in Pern Zoo, Russia

Mother:  Simona

Father: Vrangel

Siblings:  Male twin (believed deceased), Vera (female) and her male twin born 2002, Nord (male) born 2005, Gerda (female) born 2007, Mimi (female) born 2009, Milana (female) born 2009, Zefirka (female) born 2011, Nana (female) born 2011, died 2013, Voldya (male) born 2011, Chabar (male) born 2014, Sneschana (female) born 2014

Current location:  Asahiyama Zoo, Hokkaidō, Japan

History of captivity:

  1. Born in captivity in Pern Zoo, Russia on 8 December 2000
  2. Arrived at Asahiyama 30 March 2002

Progeny:  None

Additional Information

None at present.

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