Agee with trainer Mark (Beyond Bears Inc.)


Location:  Beyond Bears

Address:  PO Box 210, 8000 Stn Del Ctr, Abbotsford, BC, V2S 3R3, Canada

Telephone:  (+1) 604-302-1497



Exhibit:  Not on public display


Agee (female).  Born in captivity 3 January 1995 in Kolmården Wildlife Park, Sweden.  Transferred to Beyond Just Bears 3 May 1995.


Agee was the eleventh and final bear born to Mirsha in Kolmården Wildlife Park, Sweden.  She was hand-raised by Park staff.  Around that time Canadian animal trainer Mark Dumas was scouting for a young bear to feature in 1996 movie and it was agreed to transfer ownership of the young cub to him.

Clearly this bear is in a unique situation, although previously a UK based animal training company also had a captive polar bear.  Whilst having no fellow bears to relate to, Agee has undoubtedly formed a bond with her trainer.

We have no details of the facility in which Agee is kept but the video below shows that she has access to a paddock with a grass substrate.  There is also footage online of the bear and her trainer swimming together.


Whilst  there are concerns at the original decision to train a polar bear cub to perform in the entertainment industry, Agee has been in this situation since 1995.  She seems well cared for, not overweight and, at least in the online footage available, shows no overt signs of stress and seems generally contented.

 We have no information on the feeding, exercise, medical and enrichment regimes for Agee at Beyond Bears.

The video below was published online on 24 December 2016.

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