View of Pairi Daiza, 2009 (Daniel71953  – Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0)


Location:  Pairi Daiza

Address:  Domaine de Cambron, 7940 Brugelette, Belgium

Telephone:  +32 (0) 68 250 850



Exhibit:  The Land of the Cold


None at present (see “Details” below)


This new exhibit is due to open early in 2020.  The polar bear enclosure will have 5,000m² (1.2 acres) of outdoor space and two water basins of 450m² and 220m² respectively filled with non-chlorinated sea water. 

Pairi Daiza have said that there will be 170 m² of interior space for the bears with a maternity “quiet” area with infra-red cctv cameras.  Treatment areas will be slightly refrigerated, equipped with swimming pools and lit by natural light.

Outside there will be four separate “territories” which will feature freshwater basins, rivers and a waterfall.  An “ice cave” of 65 m² will include various enrichment features for the bears.

There will be various substrates including soil, grasses, gravel, rocks, wood chips and sands.  There will be various plantings to include trees and tree trunks will also be included.

The bears will have free access to all four territories.  It is understood that they will be coming from Sea World in Australia but it is not known how many; we would expect probably tow although the facilities have been planned to be large enough, by Belgian standards, for three bears.

There is opposition to the housing of polar bears in Brugelette.  See Polar bear protest at Pairi Daiza: ‘These animals have no place in Belgium’ (opens in new window)



  1.  Highly likely to be a captive breeding programme
  2.  The area available (1.2 acres) falls far short of the minimum recommended by Bear Conservation for one bear, let alone two or even three.

As yet there are no details of the proposed feeding, exercise, medical and enrichment regimes for the bears.

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