Talini pictured swimming underwater while still at Detroit Zoo in June 2017 (Detroitzoo – CC BY-SA 4.0)

Name:  Talini (female)

Born: 22 November 2004 in captivity in Detroit Zoo, Michigan, USA

Mother:  Bärle (deceased)

Father: Triton (deceased)

Siblings: None

Current location: Lincoln Park & Zoological Gardens, Chicago, Illinois, USA

History of captivity:

  1. Born in captivity in Detroit Zoo, Michigan, USA on 22 November 2004
  2. Transferred to Chicago 3 March 2018

Progeny:  None

Additional Information

Talini’s mother Bärle was rescued from a Mexican circus in Puerto Rico in 2002.  She was believed to have been born in the wild in Manitoba in 1984.  She arrived in Detroit Zoo on 19 November 2002 and was euthanised on 18 July 2012, suffering from lymphosarcoma.

You can read about Talini’s arrival at Lincoln Park here (opens in new window).  A video of her introduction to Siku, the male bear at the Zoo, shortly after her arrival can be seen below.

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