Tim in Kharov Zoo, photographed on 21 March 2017 (Bear Conservation)

Name:  Tim (male)

Born: In the wild on Wrangel Island, Russia, winter 1985

Mother:  Not known

Father:  Not known

Siblings:  None known

Current location: Kharkov Zoo, Kharkiv, Ukraine

History of captivity:

  1. Born in the wild, winter 1985 on Wrangel Island, Russia
  2. Captured on Wrangel Island, aged about three months early in 1986
  3.  Taken to Moscow Circus 1986
  4.  “Retired” from circus 1998
  5.  Transferred to Kharkov Zoo 11 September 1998.
  6. Died in Kharkov Zoo 21 April 2019.

Progeny:  None

Additional Information

Tim was specifically “collected” from the wild to become part of the polar bear act in Moscow Circus.  He was trained there by a trainer named Denisenko and his performances featured him skating around the circus arena.

Tim was “retired” to a clearly more comfortable life at Kharkov Zoo after twelve years of performances.

The video below of Tim was published on 27 February 2019 (captions and commentary in Ukranian)

Tim died in Kharkov Zoo on 21 April 2019, we do not know the cause of death.  He was believed to be 33 years old.

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